Garden Lighting Fixtures for Your Garden Make Over

Maintaining a garden is of course a difficult task wherein you need to know the basic anatomy of plants and the way on how to position them. If you have huge outdoor space in your home wherein you are growing beautiful flowers, herbs, and shrubs; then this is the right time to lighten up your garden using different type of garden fixtures.

When it comes to beautifying the garden then the garden lighting fixtures are best choice to go with. Perfect lighting solutions to your garden will enhance the beauty of your garden. Pre-planning, carefully positioning good quality lighting solutions will definitely add an extra dimension to your garden.

Below are few things which you need to know about garden lighting and the types of lighting fixtures available.

Garden lighting

Landscape lighting or garden lighting products are great solutions which creates an inviting and safe environment for yourself and others in your garden at nights. Using outdoor lighting is also an easy and effective way to style up your garden surroundings.


If you are planning to fix a lighting fixture which is dominating in brightness, then you will be not able to experience the pleasure of nature to the fullest. To experience the complete feel of nature it is better to choose low voltage bulbs and lighting fixtures which add silent beauty to your garden, during nights.

If you are using cables from the transformer to lighten up your garden, then clamping such cables with protective connector is important. It is much better to conceal the cables within shallow trenches that are anywhere from 3 to 6 inches deep, so that you can be safe avoiding electrical problems.

Different types of lighting fixtures

Here are few lighting fixtures, which you may want to consider while renovating your garden appearance.

  • Up and down lighting fixtures: These up and down lighting fixtures are effective products which can be considered while lightening up large shrubs or trees. This lighting fixture is popular among people because it creates a strong, dramatic effect in the garden.


  • Cross lighting:  These are lights which shine across a feature lightening up one side. This effect seems to create a sense of drama when particularly focused with sculptures in the garden.
  • Accent:  This is a fixed spotlight or directional light that is specially designed to work with a particular feature, such as a piece of sculpture or a water feature.

So consider using the above mentioned lights in your garden, to make life charming and pleasing. It is always better to request the help of lighting designer or a specialist lighting company, to know about the lights in the market.



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