How to Increase Your Success When Transplanting Seedlings?


Below are some pointers which you would want to make use when seedling.

Proper timing

You will want to do it at the proper time of the year. When some seeds are available in the market, you don’t want to purchase them and plant. You will want to make sure that the season is right for planting the seeds. That enables the seeds to grow properly. You can do that by reading the label of the seeds.

The label contains details of the seeds and which season they must be planted. You will want to monitor the weather conditions in your area before planting the seeds. If the weather is bad, then you might not want to plant them. When the weather has become better, you can plant the seeds. So, it is important that you plant the seeds at the right time of the year.

Hardening off

planting out seedlings

When you are growing the seeds in your house or nursery, then you might know how to harden them before planting them. However, if you are buying them from a nursery, then you will want to see how they have been living inside. Are they kept in the shade, glass-house, or exposed. When the seeds are exposed, then the seeds do not need to harden.

But, when the seeds have been grown inside the nursery, then they will require hardening. When you want to harden the seeds, you need to put them outside for few hours. You can protect them using a shade cloth. You would want to bring them inside at nights for few days when you have finished leaving them the whole day.

Planting out

planting seedlings

The soil which is present in your garden must be fertile for the plants to grow properly. When the soil is not fertile, then the plants cannot grow. You can make use of compost and make the soil fertile.You can also prepare compost on your own for gardening soil. Before you plant the seeds, you will want to water for 10-15 minutes. You need to know the space where you are going to plant the seeds and then dig.

Fill each hole with water

water seedlings

The holes must be watered. You do not want to leave the holes dry. They should be watered as it enables the roots to get water. If you put water on the surface, then it will evaporate and when you plant the seeds, it might not grow. You need to plant the seeds at the right level. You will not want to plant them too high or low.

The level must be perfect. If you find it difficult to do that, you can take the help of a professional gardener. It is important that you water the seedling well after you plant it. However, you do not want to pour more than the required water on the plants. The right amount of water is enough for the plants to grow to their right height.

Other things to know

You would want to avoid transplanting vegetable seeds if the weather is too hot. Vegetable plants cannot bear the heat and might dry. You will want to plant them when the weather is cool or cloudy. You will want to make sure that the soil is fertile when you plant the seeds. It is vital that you have all the equipment’s before you start planting seeds.

The above tips can help you in sowing seed for your garden.

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