How to Start a Trough Garden?


When you want to start a trough garden, then you would want to know few things. A garden that is made from containers is a novel idea. It helps you in many ways. You save space and you have a garden that is organized, since you have containers which have your plants. If you are living in a city or your home has less exterior space, then you might want to consider having containers in your garden.

Given below are some methods in which you can start your garden using containers.

Decide the space

container shapes

You would want to decide the space where you want to have your garden using containers. Normally a garden is placed in the back of a house. You have more space and you can plan likewise. The main benefit of having this garden is that, you do not need lot of space. You will need to decide on the containers you are going to have in your garden.

The containers can be rectangular and square shape. When you want to have a larger garden, then you can have a rectangular container. If you want to have a small garden, then you will want to make use of a square container. There are several shapes from which you can select including triangle, hexagon, and octagon.

Material of the containers

wooden trough

Once you have decided the space and shape of the containers, you need to choose the material. You have many kinds of materials like wood, stone, and others. Wooden containers are mostly preferred as they come with excellent drainage facilities. The wooden container has gaps in between them.

The water easily comes out from between, unlike in other materials like stone, where you need to make holes underneath. You will want to choose the material according to the climate in your locality. If you are from a humid area, then you will want to choose stone. When you are living in a cool area, then you will want to select wooden containers.

Tips for a helpful container garden

plants in trough

Planting a garden, that is not going to be of much help, is not a good thing. You will want to make sure that your garden has plants that can be used for your meals. What is point of having a garden, when you have to visit the grocery store regularly? Instead, plant herbs which are going to help you during your meals.

There are so many plants which you can plant inside your garden based on your food habits. When you are from the United States of America, then you might like your food to be less spicy. If you are from Europe, then you would like to have your food with little spice. When you are from Australia, you like your food to taste spicy.

If you want to have some plants that are useful for daily use, you can plant Marjoram, Sweet basil, Oregano, Italian parsley, and Thyme. If you want your garden to have a pleasing aroma, then you will want to utilize Rose, Lemon balm, Lavender, Pineapple sage, and Lemon thyme. For salads, then you might want to plant Salad burnet, Celery, Parsley, Garlic chives, and Rocket.

These were some ideas which can help you start your own container garden.

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