How You Can Design a Roof Garden?

roof top garden

When you want to design a roof garden, you will need to understand certain points which will enable you to perform the task efficiently. Having a garden on the roof is an interesting concept. If you are living in an apartment or house that has a large terrace which is lying empty, then you will want to make use of the space.

What better way than to design a garden on the roof? Designing a green roof is not as hard as you think. In this article, we will see some ideas which will help you understand how to design your garden in a proper way. It is extremely useful when you have a garden on your roof as it provides you with fresh air to breathe and enhances your landscape.

Below are some tips that will help you design a garden roof.

Proper planning of the garden

The garden roof should be planned in a proper manner. Every inch of the space that is present there must be used properly. That is possible when you have a plan for designing the garden. You would want to visualize the garden which you are going to design. The plants and trees which you want to have in your garden must be decided.

If you want to have certain fruits and vegetables in your garden, then you will want to decide likewise. Some of the plants might need more space. Few plants can grow long or wide. That is why you should decide on the plants which you want to have in there. You will want to know that, when you have completed designing the garden, you cannot adjust or alter the design.

Select a genuine contractor

plan roof garden

You will want to select a genuine contractor. Designing a garden roof is not a simple task. When compared to traditional gardens, a garden roof needs to be designed by a professional. Traditional gardens do not need lot of planning as there is plenty of space there. You can just plant what you feel like.

But, a garden roof requires good planning and then used. A professional contractor can help you design the garden on your roof. Selecting a good contractor is not a difficult job. You need to visit the website and read about their services. It is crucial that the contractor is a local. You do not want to hire somebody who is located far off.

They might not be able to provide you with good service. They might suggest you their opinions and ideas. You can discuss your thoughts about your garden with them.

The budget

roof garden

Once you have decided the plan and hired the right contractor, you will want to design the garden within your budget. You do not want to do something that will cost you lot of money. Designing a garden roof is not a cheap task. Several materials and layouts will be necessary. You will want to install a block work wall in your garden.

You can make use of small sized pots and plants so that you have space. You will to also use various colors to make your garden appear beautiful.

With the above points, you can design a beautiful rooftop garden which is easy to look after.

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