Popular Garden Tools to Care for Your Garden


Today, many people like to do gardening for various reasons. For some, it might be the need for some physical activity, for some it could be a hobby, and for some people, they do it because they like to consume healthy food, which they are growing in their own garden. The reasons for doing gardening can be many.

Space can be a factor, but that does not stop many people from taking up gardening. But, you will want to know that doing gardening efficiently requires  garden tools. Without these gardening tools, you might not be able to plant your plants, you cannot dig the soil, and you cannot water your plants properly.

We have listed below some of the commonly used garden tools which you will need.



The trowel is a garden tool which is commonly used in several gardens. It is main tool which you will need when making your garden. The trowel is curved, flat, and comes with short wooden handle. There are two types of trowels which include curved and flat. Some of the garden activities the trowel is used for include soil leveling, planting, potting, and soil preparation.

It is mainly used for digging.


spadeThe spade is another gardening tool which is used in many gardens. There are several kinds of spades which come in few shapes like narrow headed blade or pointed head blade. The head blade is supported with a wooden handle. You can get them made out of wood or iron. You will want to choose the wooden handle, as it is stronger and durable.

If you have got a large garden, then you will want to ensure that you make use of the spade.

Garden weeder


The garden weeder is a tool that comes with a handle and sharp blade. The garden weeder is used to get rid of weeds in your farm. When you have completed planting your plants and notice weeds on your plants, then you will want to use this garden tool and get rid of them. The design of the tool helps you to easily take out the weeds.



The rake is a garden tool that is used to remove the leaves which block your pathway or garden. The rake consists of a long wooden handle and few teeth on the bottom, which helps you to remove debris from your garden. When you had a party in your garden and it is littered with paper cups and other plastic items, you can use the rake and clean up the entire area.



The garden fork is a tool that comes with a long handle and teeth below. The wooden handle supports your hands to help you digging or raising in your garden. The fork is similar to the spade and can help you efficiently maintain your garden. The garden fork is an essential tool which you need to construct your garden.

Apart from the above mentioned tools, you will also want to make use of garden cutters. The can be used to cut the plants in your garden. The garden cutter is a required tool to make your garden appear neat.

Use the above tools to make sure that your garden can grow in a healthy manner.

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