Some Tips for Pruning Trees and Shrubs


Are you fed up of having an unorganized garden? Your shrubs and trees require pruning, but you do not have the least idea on how to do it or don’t have time. Whatever be the reason, you should prune your shrubs and trees that will otherwise ruin the appearance of your garden. Listed are some tips which can help you prune your garden.

Use proper equipment

pruning equipment

The first thing that you would want to do is use proper equipment. One of the main reasons why many people unsuccessfully prune their gardens is because of using faulty equipments. The equipments require maintenance or are not cleaned. When your equipments are not cleaned or working properly, then you might not be able to prune your garden in a proper manner.

The cutters when used to prune the shrubs and trees might have juices and others particles present on them. When not properly cleaned or used for a long time, then these equipments will not function properly. When you find the equipments in bad shape or in need of cleaning, then oil them or replace them.

The cutters and shovels that are needed for a garden are not expensive. You can borrow them, but having your own equipments is a better option.

Right time of the year

You need to know when to prune your shrubs and trees. You should prune plants during the spring season after they have bloomed. You do not want to prune them before. Plants that bloom in the fall seasons need to be pruned in the winter. You should not prune it earlier. Every plant has its own season to be pruned.

You need to make sure that you follow a cycle and do it annually. If at all, you have missed out on trimming the plant, then you will want to make sure that you do it before the season starts. The concept is that you need to prune plants before they bloom. The process enables them to prepare themselves for the coming season.

Prune to the right shape

pruning to shape

When you prune the shrub or tree, you should make sure that you do it in the right manner. You do not want to prune it for the sake of doing it. Each plant should be pruned in a proper manner. Some plants need a soft look while some shrubs require a tough appearance. That depends on how they look.

What to prune from a shrub or tree?

When you are going to prune a shrub or tree you should know what you are going to cut out from it. The idea of you trimming the shrub or tree is to make sure that is appears good and you are helping it to grow for the next season. You will want to cut out branches which are protruding out or leaves that are dying.

You will want to take out the unnecessary branches and leaves from the shrub or tree. In the image given below you can find the steps which are required to prune a tree. This is a step by step process that must be done likewise. You do not want to prune the tree as you want to do it. Finally, when you are doing this procedure make sure that you are wearing safety gear.

Though you can hire pruners, you would want to do it yourself.

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