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Tips To Grow a Healthy Tomato Plant in Your Home Garden


Everyone loves having a garden at home. Many prefer spending their pleasure time in the garden. Few people even speak to the plants they grow in the garden, thinking the plants to one of their family member.

Here is one simple tip, which will help you to grow healthy and tasty tomatoes in your home garden. This method only needs an old soda bottle and little time.

Drip feeder method

This a method, where you just need to have an old soda bottle or an old beverage tin, made of plastic or thin metal sheets. Make sure that, you have chosen a bottle …

Watering plants: how much and how often?


Here is an interesting article on http://www.telegraph.co.uk. Watering your plants can be a very annoying task provided you know how to do it. You can either use a watering can or garden hose pipe to water your garden. The area and the kind of plants you grow in your garden matter in the case of watering your garden.

With my veg garden, which I water by hand, this is vital and you need to water in new plants generously so the plants will be encouraged to grow new roots which will follow the water down. When it comes to watering, pot …

How to grow garlic?


This was found on http://www.telegraph.co.uk. Let us see how we can grow garlic, which one of the most popular ingredients in several food items. If you eat food items with garlic, then you might want to grow them in your garden. It is extremely simple to do and you can will find the given below ideas useful. Garlic is easy to grow but needs a period of low temperatures for plants to bulb up. Planting in autumn (October-November) or early spring provides the necessary chilling period. Choose an open sunny site and well-drained soil or grow in raised beds. Garlic …

How to grow figs


Read this interesting article on http://www.telegraph.co.uk. There is little better than the fig tree’s produce, so fresh it is still warm from the sun, straight from your garden. Dried figs are equally nutritious: if you have a bumper crop, then dry some of the fruit in a hot press or drying cupboard. If you turn them daily they will be preserved in six to eight days.

The best variety of fig tree to go for is Ficus carica ‘Brown Turkey’, whose fruit ripen in late August, and have a reddish-brown skin, red flesh and a sweet flavor.

 Growing tips

A fig tree will …