The Secrets on Preparing Potting Soil for Your Garden


When you want to prepare potting soil for your garden, then you need to know few methods to do that. The plants you want to grow in your garden will decide the type of soil you require. Different kinds of plants need various kinds of soils for them to be able grow healthy. When you have the right type of soil in your garden, you know that your plants can grow well.

In this article, we will find out how you can prepare soil for your plants. However, you will want to find out the type of soil you have in your garden. It is not difficult at all. You need to take a sample of soil in a glass jar that come with a lid. As you fill it, make sure that you do not make it over half full.

soil with water

You will want to pour in some water and shake it well. If you have seen bartenders preparing a cocktail, then you might get the idea. The jar needs to be shaken vigorously. That enables the water and soil to mix which allows the residue to come aside. That will help you find out if the soil is fertile or not.

After you have shaken the mixture properly, you will want to leave the mixture aside for sometime till the contents settle. That might take some time. When you see the contents of the jar later, you would have noticed that there are few layers. The bottom layer of the content will contain large stones.

Above the stones, you will find sand and silt. There might be small stones present there. Finally, you will see clay which is present above the sand and silt. The ratio of the clay and sand, will tell you whether your soil is good or bad. When you soil contains too much sand then it is a sandy soil.

When you have lot of clay, it is clay soil and when there is silt, it is a silt soil. What you need is a soil which is balanced with these three contents. When the contents are almost the same, then you know that you have the ideal soil. This soil is perfect for growing plants. Growing plants in your container garden is an excellent option.

mixing soil compost

Though you can always mix compost in your soil to make it fertile, having the ideal content in your garden makes a lot of difference. If you visit a garden which have the ideal soil, then you might get a picture. However, when you find that your garden does not have the perfect soil, you need not become disheartened.

add fertilizer

You can make use of fertilizers to enrich your soil and grow plants. However, you will want to make sure that you regularly water your plants to ensure that they grow healthy. When you are dependent on your pants for your food, then you might want to take some extra care. The best way to improve the soil is to make use of worms.

Worms create space within the soil and ensure that there is space in between them. They let air and water to seep inside them in a proper manner. You will to make sure that your soil has excellent drainage system. The water should not be stagnant on your soil. That will make it watery and it will not be able to retain the nutrients.

The above ideas can help you prepare the best potting mix for your garden.

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