Tips to Design a Moon Garden

night garden

To have a garden design at night, you would want to ensure that you make use of the right procedure. Designing a moonlit garden is an easy process. For those of you, who haven’t heard about a moon light garden, would want to know that the garden contains night flowers that are popular among people of all ages, which enable them to feel relaxed?

To really enjoy the garden, you will want to make sure that you relax at night and forget your worries. It is not surprising that many people want to have this kind of garden in their house. The garden consists of white flowering plants that appear bright under the moonlight. As the wind blows in the night, the plants move gently forward, that lets you unwind.

We have listed out some tips that can help you design your own garden. You would want to read these ideas carefully and do accordingly.

night fountain

It is vital that the heights of the flowering plants are not the same. They should grow at different heights. If possible, you might want to have a water fountain in your garden. The sight of the water sprinkling on the garden is beautiful. You can also install garden chimes which can help you listen to the soft music when the wind blows in the night.

You will want to select flowering plants that grow differently. You do not want to have plants that grow similarly together. You can place them in containers and keep them around. The containers must be made from various colors so that they are not visible in the darkness. You can also have  herbs in your garden.


You will want to have a bench installed in your garden. The bench lets you sit down and relax during the evenings. Some of the plants which you can plant include Fountain Grass, Blue Oat grass. The Fountain Grass comes with its feathery plumes and they do not grow very tall. Flowering plants like Summer Snap Dragons, Buddlia, Night Scented Stock, White Geraniums, and Narcissus are perfect for a night garden.

You can also add your own flowers which you feel can help your mood. Having a garden is all about relaxing yourself. You can also go through the Internet to find out more information on the moon garden. The forums can provide you with lot of information, which you might not have known earlier.

The pictures which you can see online will help you come up with your own designs. You need to make sure that you follow the instructions when designing moon gardens. Only when you use the right techniques, your plants will grow like the way you want them to. So, make sure that you strictly go through the instructions and then design the garden.

When you feel that the task is overburdening, then you can hire a gardener. As they are professionals, they can help you with your task.

A moonlight garden can help you relax your thoughts and rejuvenate yourself.

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