Tips To Grow a Healthy Tomato Plant in Your Home Garden

Everyone loves having a garden at home. Many prefer spending their pleasure time in the garden. Few people even speak to the plants they grow in the garden, thinking the plants to one of their family member.

Here is one simple tip, which will help you to grow healthy and tasty tomatoes in your home garden. This method only needs an old soda bottle and little time.

Drip feeder method

This a method, where you just need to have an old soda bottle or an old beverage tin, made of plastic or thin metal sheets. Make sure that, you have chosen a bottle which can be punctured with some fine holes on the surface. It is always preferable to use a barbeque skewer to make the holes.


After puncturing the surface of the bottle, just check whether the water your pour in gets released out of the bottle slowly through the holes or not. As soon as the testing procedure is successful, now it is time for the final process.

Just dig a hole near your tomato plant and insert the bottle inside the hole. Be sure that the bottle is near by the roots of the plant. As you pour water into the bottle, the water will try squeezing out through the holes in the bottle. On the other hand, the roots of the plant will gradually observe the water below.

Thus the plant will get mineral rich water directly from the soil, helping the tomato plant to grow healthy and tasty.

Benefits of using drip feeder method

This one simple method which involves less time and money, but the results you obtain are plenty from it. This method has been proved that the tomato plants grow well when they receive water from the underground rather than pouring them from the top.


It is also been tested and reported that, the tomato plants grown using this method are free from insects and the fruits of the plant are sweeter than the usual. So try drip feeder method to grow your tomato plant in your kitchen garden and experience the taste of fresh organic fruits and vegetables!

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