Tools Which Can Be Used For Your Home and Garden

Right gardening tools will make your home and gardenappear more professional. You need to select the garden tools which are practically easy to handle. But some garden home tools are more essential than others. Here are few ideas which you may use to get desirable results.

The first and most important thing used to maintain your garden is a shovel. Having a good quality shovel will certainly save your time and your back breaking effort too. ¬†You need to be sure that you select a shovel which is high in quality and that won’t break, as you punch it on the hard dirt and pull back the handle while working in the garden. Do select a shovel that withstands the effects of clay and rocks.

The next choice for your garden is a good square ended shovel. This is one handy tool which will help you to remove large amounts of earth at once. The square ended shovel is one useful tool which is usually used on softer earth in order to transport piles of mud. You may also use them to dispense the compost and manure based fertilizer over the area you wish.



You can try using triangular spade garden tool which can be used as all purpose tools. It is a handy tool used for creating those larger holes that are required to transplant larger shrubs or plant trees in your garden.

There are many versions of garden spade available in the market. One of the most commonly used versions is the telescope handle shovel which is fitted with a very narrow blade – similar to a trowel by with a longer handle. They are the only garden tools which are perfect for making small holes while standing upright and are also great for many weeding tasks.

The most beneficial equipment that can be used in your garden is a garden shears. It is a garden tool which is considered as a basic requirement in garden making. They are available in several sizes and shapes, but it is always better to select one that actually fits your hand. Most of the shears are fitted with moon shaped blades, meaning that one side is convex and the other concave. They are ideal for cutting off stems, branches and dead leaves.

The next handy and most useful tool in garden making is a standard hand rake. This is an all purpose tool which is similar to an electric leaf blower. It can be used to as a key tool for de-thatching the lawn in the fall, or preparing it in the spring.

Wheel borrow is a tool which you will discover to be very useful and will get used more often. If you have planned transporting plants from one area to another then it is best tool to start with.


You may also use this wheelbarrow to distribute fertilizers in your garden or farm. You just need to place the sack in the wheelbarrow or pour the contents and then drop it all over a specific area and spread around with a rake. The wheelbarrow is a helping tool which will make your work much easier than carrying around a 30lb sack in both arms and pouring the content out.

Apart from the basics there are many helpful garden home tools like pole saw or folding saw for pruning trees, hoe and mattock are handy and frequently used tools in garden for relaxing earth during weeding and transplanting. Gloves, trimmer, watering can, and weeding tools are the most essential tools which you can use in your garden to make it pleasing in appearance.