Vegetable Garden Planting Basics – Tips You Should Know


The global economy is bad at the moment. Items in the market are quite expensive and you should go something about it. How about having your own vegetable garden? A vegetable garden is the best way to go about things here. Before you get started, you will want to know few planting basics that can help you design your garden properly.

In this article, we will read about some planting basics that can be used in any place.

Type of soil


The first thing that you will want to know is the type of soil present. Plants require soil to grow healthy. When you do not have the needed soil in your area, then your garden will not succeed. You will want to test your soil by planting a sapling and seeing how it grows. The climate in your area also matters.

When you see that the sapling is growing alright, then you know that your soil is good. But, when you see that your sapling is growing slowly, then you will want to do something about it. You will want to add some manure to the soil. When you add manure to the soil, it helps in making the soil fertile.



The second thing that you would want to know is the lighting in your area. The lighting in your area plays a crucial role at how well the plants are going to grow. The vegetable plants require at least 4 hours of sunlight to grow. You will want to make sure that your plants will get that much sunlight.

If you are living in an area which is very cold, then you would want to make sure that you have artificial lighting to help your plants grow. You can make use of LED lighting which is cheaper when compared to traditional lighting as it consumes less power to light. You can also plant your plants indoor. You will only need to regulate the humidity.

The soil and lighting are two vital factors that are required for ensuring that your vegetable garden is healthy. You will also want to ensure your garden is free from intrusion. You can do that by fencing your garden. You will also want to maintain your garden using the right kind of fertilizers and pesticides.


It is better to go through the internet and find out more on planting basics. The forums will provide you with many ideas on how you must go about things. You might want to go through them for some time. The pictures will also help you come with something of your own. It is important that you use your imagination and create your own vegetable garden.

You can also hire a gardener who can help you in your vegetable garden. They are professionals who know their job well. You can talk to your family or friends who can suggest somebody who is genuine. Planting a vegetable garden is a simple affair which can be done when you know few pointers.

Using the planting basics which have been mentioned in this article, you can be rest assured that you have the right kind of vegetable garden.

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