Why to Have Mulch in Your Garden?

What is mulch?


Mulch is organic and inorganic. Inorganic is pebbles and gravel and organic consist of straw and wood mulch. Mostly the inorganic mulch is used for decorative purpose. The pebbles help in designing your garden and provide an elegant appearance. However, they do not contain nutrients for your plants.

They only serve as a decorative item. Organic items including straw and wood help in providing nutrients for your garden. Some of the advantages of using organic items in your garden include maintaining proper temperature in the soil which is essential for proper growth of plants, decreases evaporation which helps you save water, reduces the growth of weed that is harmful for plants, decreases compaction of the soil, improves the microbial activity in the soil that is required for good growth of plants, and offers proper release of nutrients for plants in the garden.

Garden beds

raised bed

To make use of mulching on your garden bed, you would want to remove the weeds that are present in your garden. You would want to dig little and mix the soil. It helps in breaking the surface of the soil. You will then want to spray the compost on the soil. That enables the soil to increase its fertility for the proper growth of plants.

What type of mulch should use?

Wood chip mulch

wood chip mulch

Wood chip mulch is wood that is taken from the branches of tress. They are light brown in color and help in break-down of the soil. Before you make use of the wood chip mulch, you would want to place the compost on the soil. That will help the wood chip to blend with the compost and make the soil more fertile.

Pine bark mulch

pine bark

Pine bark mulch is dark brown when compared to the pine chip. Before you use the pine bark wood, you would want to mix the compost on the soil in your garden. That helps in ensuring that the soil becomes fertile. If you want your garden to appear net and clean, then you will want to make use of this kind of mulching.

Hay and straw

hay and straw mulch

You can also make use of hay and straw. These can be got in stacks and have plenty of nutrients. You will need to replace them once in every three months. The hay and straw are good to have in your garden as they help keep away snails. When you have a garden that contains lot of vegetables, then you would want to make use of them.

If your garden is constantly being disturbed by snails, then you should use hay and straw. You can decide the type of mulching you want to do in your garden depending on your requirements. You can find more information on the Internet about mulching. There are guides which can help you understand more on this technique. Mulching is not a difficult method to use.

If you have not yet mulched your garden, then you will want to do it soon. It is clear that when you have good ground cover, your garden is safe from unwanted danger.

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